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The past 2 years have been extraordinarily challenging for Texas educators and they have risen to the challenge.  The difficulty of the COVID pandemic have, in many ways, compounded existing challenges to close to a breaking point for many teachers.  My goal is to serve our children, teachers, and communities to ensure every child has a great teacher - and to empower every teacher to serve with the dignity and professional satisfaction they deserve.

Teacher Retention

According to a large survey by the Texas American Federation of Teachers "The Texas public school system is at a crossroads. 66% of our members told us in a survey that they're thinking of quitting".  

Read the press release below:

2/3 Teachers Thinking about Leaving the Profession

Texas’ teachers deserve better. When you know that 2/3 teachers are thinking about quitting, you know it’s time for a drastic change and we need educators to lead that charge.  That's why I am running for SBOE in Collin and Dallas Counties.

In solidarity, 

Roberto Velasco, M.Ed.

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