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Roberto Velasco for SBOE District 12:

Elect a Teacher for State Board of Education


Roberto has been an educator in North Texas for over a decade.  He understands that effective teachers have the most impact on student learning.  Therefore, he is 100% supportive of North Texas teachers.

Our teachers, students, and our communities need great schools to thrive.  The current state of affairs highlights how desperately we need teacher representation in the State Board of Education.  We need teachers to lead in Austin - educators who have a record of getting real results.

Roberto knows that educators and the schools in which they teach are the pillars of our society, our democracy, and our economy.  Our future depends on how well schools are run. 

North Texas must stand behind our teachers and fight for that which matters most to us: building a brighter future for our children in an economy that is robust for everyone.  We can only ensure this by affording a quality education for every child.

That’s why Roberto spent the past decade teaching and supporting teachers. He led the way to improve schools and create instructional programs, raised academic performance, introduced innovation to Texas schools and helped help serve thousands of students and teachers in our communities. 

Together, we can raise the bar for all Texas schools!

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